1. Get Inspired With Our Latest Marble Effects Tiles!

    Get Inspired With Our Latest Marble Effects Tiles!

    Shop our latest 750 x 1500 mm marble-inspired tiles!

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  2. Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Homes

    Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Homes

    Selecting the right tiles for your new homes can be stressful and confusing.

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  3. New Arrival: Priorato

    New Arrival: Priorato

    Priorato features the natural essence of wood, its appearance, texture, and elegance are all reflected within the tile itself.

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  4. Happy Lunar New Year!

    Happy Lunar New Year!

    Hup Kiong will be taking a festive break for the Lunar New Year occasion and our office and showrooms will be closed from 11 February 2021 to 16 February 2021.

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  5. New Arrival: Geometric Patterned Tiles

    New Arrival: Geometric Patterned Tiles

    Searching for new ways to enliven modern interiors? Try using these gorgeous geometric patterned tiles! 

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  6. Trending: Large Format Tiles

    Trending: Large Format Tiles

    For elegant, modern, and contemporary interiors, one of the recent trends now is to use large format tiles.

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  7. New Arrival: Primestone

    New Arrival: Primestone

    An engineered stone effect porcelain series that has the most natural stone veining and offers a highly balanced aesthetic. Available in three flexible tile formats and four netural colours, the tile collection is suitable for both wall and floor applications.

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  8. New Arrival: Planeto

    New Arrival: Planeto

    Drawing inspirations from astronomical bodies, the Planeto series is rich in contrasting forms and colours that are both elegant and timeless.

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  9. New Arrival: Tanzania

    New Arrival: Tanzania

    Immerse in the richness of wood of the Tanzania collection.

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