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  1. New Arrival: Priorato

    New Arrival: Priorato

    Priorato features the natural essence of wood, its appearance, texture, and elegance are all reflected within the tile itself.

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  2. New Arrival: Tanzania

    New Arrival: Tanzania

    Immerse in the richness of wood of the Tanzania collection.

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  3. New Arrival: Northwind

    New Arrival: Northwind

    Inspired by the legendary and magical Nordic forests.

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  4. New Arrival: Belfast

    New Arrival: Belfast

    Perfection... Cosy up any room with Belfast wood lookalike tiles.

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  5. New Arrival: Hike

    New Arrival: Hike

    Surrender to the irresistible charm of wood to give your spaces a cosy and positive mood.

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