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  1. New Arrival: Primestone

    New Arrival: Primestone

    An engineered stone effect porcelain series that has the most natural stone veining and offers a highly balanced aesthetic. Available in three flexible tile formats and four netural colours, the tile collection is suitable for both wall and floor applications.

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  2. New Arrival: Planeto

    New Arrival: Planeto

    Drawing inspirations from astronomical bodies, the Planeto series is rich in contrasting forms and colours that are both elegant and timeless.

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  3. New Arrival: Stoncrete

    New Arrival: Stoncrete

    Stone + Concrete. A highly original and expertly combined aesthetic and graphic mixture.

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  4. New Arrival: Clash

    New Arrival: Clash

    Age-old quartzite, forged by primeval natural forces, is the inspiration for a new ceramic material.

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